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🌤 | The weather changes periodically even in the clear autumn weather


Even in the clear autumn weather, the weather changes periodically

If you write the contents roughly
The weather will be cloudy and rainy nationwide from Thursday 22nd to Friday 23rd, but the weather will recover mainly in eastern and western Japan on weekends.

As of 20:14 on Tuesday, 10th today, there are many sunny places nationwide. It will be late October, but in Kanto ... → Continue reading

 Sunny spot

At "Sunny Spot", we will deliver weather topics, disaster prevention information, and related information nationwide in images and text. It will be updated about 1 to 5 daily.

"Sunny Spot Weather Channel" will provide videos of weather forecasts for each country and regions.
It is updated three times daily in the morning, noon and evening, and the target area is 3 areas in Japan and 10 regions.
We will deliver weather maps, typhoons, tomorrow's weather, time series weather, weekly weather, etc.

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Thursday(Mokuyoubi)WednesdayとFridayIs between週One day.

Name in each language

Japanese,Korean,AlsoRomance languagesName (French OfThursdayEtc.)Seven daysWith the tree day (green), which is one ofJupiterNamed after the day of (Jupiter).

English OfThursdayIt is,Nordic mythologyGod ofThorComes from (saw)[1].

VietnameseThen means the sixththứ nămIs also used to mean Thursday,ChineseThen "ThursdayOr "Thursday".


Flower moku

Days OffIt was called "Flower Thursday" (Hana Moku) after "Flower Friday" because the shops were more vacant on Thursday the day before than Friday, which was the day before. .. "Flower Moku" was released in 1988.BuzzwordHas won the Grand Prize Silver Award. Winners are department stores that stopped closing on Thursdays as soon as possible.Matsuyawas.

Release date

Game software

Home gamesMost of the software will be released on Thursday. this is,ROM cassetteIt was difficult to increase production in a short period of time,CD-ROMSuch asoptical diskThe shift to media made it easier to increase production, and such business practices became established. Follow the conventionNintendo DSMost ROM cassette products such as these are also on sale on Thursday.[2].


In the comic weekly magazineWeekly Shonen Champion,Weekly morning,young Jump3 magazines are the release date. In other weekly magazinesWomen seven,Weekly Bunshun,Weekly Shincho,Weekly true story,Weekly FamitsuIs the release date.

Industries to be closed

Medical institution

practitionerSmall scale operated byMedical institution(Hospital,Clinic) Then Thursday is all day[3]Or there is a place to take a leave of absence from the afternoon[4][5].

This is caused by the circumstances peculiar to the medical world, and because of taking a break in the middle of the week other than Sunday for hard work breaks and because of the medical examination on Saturday, the transfer will be 2 days a week.[6]And medical examination days for local governments, schools, nurseries, etc.[7]And lecture date[5], Meeting at the Medical Association[8]Many medical-related events such as study sessions and academic societies are held on Thursdays.[7][6], It is due to the balance with them. As a matter of fact, it is said that there are times when academic societies and study sessions are scheduled as "a day when it is easy to gather people because many practitioners are on holiday." Since some practitioners also serve as working doctors, they may be in charge of outpatient services at university hospitals, etc. on Thursday's holidays.[8].

bank-Government office-post officeOr stipulated by law[7],Beauty salon / barber shopMedical institutions also set regular holidays as unions and ordinancesMedical associationThere is also a theory that the holidays are set by the ordinance, but this is a popular theory. Also, the government does not directly relate to medical institutions.[9]Since the medical association is a voluntary membership organization, it is up to the medical institution to join or not, and the medical association and the government do not have such authority, and the setting of holidays and consultation hours is at the discretion of the medical institution. Because it can be set[5]However, not all medical institutions uniformly specify a closed day on Thursday because there are no clear rules or restrictions.[4](There are many Wednesdays other than Thursday and Sunday), and it is said that there is a balance with these, and even if you want to set it at your discretion with the authority of the medical institution, you will inevitably have to do it on Thursday.[5].

Service industry

LaundryThen there is a place to make Thursday a regular holiday. Since Saturdays and Sundays are holidays, we often bring them in, and since it is a guideline for returning the cleaning within 2 days after taking it out, it will be finished on Wednesday and can be returned, so we can return what was brought in on Sunday. This is because it is open on Wednesdays and closed on Thursdays. Now that cleaning technology has advanced, things are changing because some of them are brought in in the morning and finished in the evening.[7].

Some florist shops have Thursdays as regular holidays. This is because the market is closed[10].

Outside Japan

1929May 10New York Stock Market (Wall street) CrashDark thursdayCalled (Black Thursday).

Works on Thursday


symbolUnicodeJIS X 0213Character referenceName
Tree with double-byte brackets


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West Japan

West Japan(Ninin, Nichinon) isJapanIs a term used to roughly divideWestPoint to half. The antonym isEast Japan.

範 囲

Generally, it is a collective term for Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu.[Annotation 1][Annotation 2].

WidelyChubu regionIncluding[3]In addition, it may refer to the Chugoku region, Shikoku region, Kyushu/Okinawa region excluding the Kinki region. Also from KyushuSouth KyushuとNansei Islands[Annotation 3] TheSouthern JapanThere is an example.Eastern countryAgainstWestern country(Example:Nishinippon broadcasting), Kinki region (especiallyKinai) Kyushu region (especiallyNorthern Kyushu, Example:West Japan Railway)[5] AndKanto region(EspeciallySouth Kanto) To the Kinki region (especially Kinai) sometimes.

In the field of geology,Fossa MagnaFrom Itoigawa to Himekawa, Aoki Lake, Matsumoto Basin, Shiojiri, Kamanashi River, Hayakawa, and west of Fuji River to western Japan (Southwest JapanWith)[6][7][8] If there is a theory,Itoigawa Shizuoka Structural LineThere is also a theory that the west is western Japan.

In terms of various cultures, it refers to the west of Toyama, Gifu, and Aichi prefectures.[9][10].. In dialectologyWestern Japanese dialect(Western dialect)Hokuriku dialect-Kinki dialect-Shikoku dialect-Chinese dialect-Unhaku dialectTo point to (Tojo Misao)[11],Gifu/Aichi dialectIf is included in western Japan (Toshio Tsuchi)[12],Kyushu dialectIncluding Western Japan (Mitsuo Okumura)[13] and so on.

Japanese Meteorological AgencyIn Japan, the Japanese archipelago is divided into four regions: northern Japan, eastern Japan, western Japan and Amami, Okinawa. When saying “Western Japan” in the weather forecast, it means Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu excluding Mie Prefecture.[14].

BiotaThere are also things that are divided in east and west, for exampleRed mouseIs a group of chromosomesToyama-浜 松Divide into east and west at the line[15].

Names of major companies and organizations bearing Western Japan

There are two ways to read it: "Nishonhon" and "Nishikopin".

  • “Yomi” indicates the reading of “West Japan”.
  • In the “establishment date, etc.”, “(rename)” indicates the date when the name was changed to include the name “West Japan”.
Company/Group namereadingHead office locationDate of establishment, etc.Overview
West Japan Railway CompanyLtd.NishinihonOsakaOsaka1987th of February 4Popular nameJR West Japan.. The business area is the Hokuriku region (Niigata TheHokuriku Shinkansenas well as the Oito lineOnly), Kinki region (Tokaido Shinkansenexcept for.Mie TheKansai Main LineShimagahara Station - Kameyama StationOnly), Chugoku region,NaganoPart ofFukuoka OfSanyo Shinkansen-Hakata Minami Line.
West Japan JR BusLtd.NishinihonOsaka-shi, Osaka1988th of February 3JR West Group
West Nippon Telegraph and TelephoneLtd.NipponOsaka-shi, Osaka1999th of February 7Popular nameNTT West.. The business area is Toyama (Tateyama(Excluding some areas), Gifu prefecture, west of Aichi prefecture andShizuoka(AtamiとSusono CityExcept for some areas).
West Japan ExpresswayLtd.NishinihonOsaka-shi, Osaka2005th of February 10Popular nameNEXCO West Japan.. The business area is west of Kinki region (excluding Mie prefecture) and part of Fukui prefecture.
West Japan Construction Industry Guarantee Co., Ltd.NishinihonOsaka-shi, Osaka1952th of February 11Public works advance payment guarantee businessRun. We can handle prepayment guarantees for public contractors nationwide, but the business storesKyoto,Shiga,Nara,WakayamaWest of eachPrefectural office location(However, due to competition measuresTokyoChuo-kuTokyo branch,Nagoya cityNakamura WardEstablished Nagoya branch, respectively).
Maxvalu West JapanLtd.NishinihonHiroshimaHiroshima cityMay 2000 (Renamed)AEON group.MaxvaluOperates stores in Kinki and Chushikoku area.
Nishinippon broadcastingLtd.NipponKagawaTakamatsuOctober 1956, 10 (Renamed)AbbreviationRNC.tv set-radioCombined bureau. As for the radio, Kagawa Prefecture broadcasts the area, TV (NTV series) Is with Kagawa PrefectureOkayamaIs the target area for broadcasting.
West Japan RailwayLtd.NipponFukuokaFukuoka CityOctober 1942, 9 (Renamed)Popular nameNishitetsu.Major private railwayCompany.
Ltd.TV West JapanNipponFukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Prefecture1958th of February 4AbbreviationTNC.. Fukuoka Prefecture is targeted for broadcastingTV station(Fuji TV series).
Ltd.West Japan City BankNipponFukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Prefecture1944th of February 12[Annotation 4]Fukuoka Prefecture (first)Local bank.
West Japan FoodLtd.NipponFukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Prefecture2002/10Nippon HamGroup meat sales company.
West Japan Institute of TechnologyNipponFukuokaKanda Town1967 
Ltd.West Japan ShimbunNipponFukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Prefecture1942/8A newspaper company in Fukuoka Prefecture.West Japan Newspaper,West Japan SportsPublisher of (West Sports).
West Japan Junior CollegeNipponFukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Prefecture1959/4 
West Japan Junior College High SchoolNipponFukuokaYame city1962 
West Nippon Electric CableLtd.NipponOitaOita City1950th of February 5Abbreviation isNishiden.
Western japan termiteNipponKagoshimaKagoshima1960th of February 11[Annotation 5]Exterminator.
Companies/organizations that do not exist or have stopped using the term "West Japan"
West Japan Body IndustryLtd.NipponFukuokaKitakyushu1946th of February 10Popular nameNishiko.. A bus body maker under the umbrella of West Japan Railway, which once existed. Dissolved on October 2010, 10.
West Japan PiratesNipponFukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Prefecture1950Formerly under the umbrella of Nishinihon ShimbunProfessional baseballteam. The company name is "West Japan Baseball Co., Ltd."
West Japan System Construction Co., Ltd.NipponKumamotoKumamoto-shi1954th of February 9construction company. Ltd. on October 2014, 10SYSKENRenamed to.

Names derived from western Japan or synonyms

Other Western Japan


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注 釈

  1. ^ It is a "generic term for Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu."[1].
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  5. ^ Established as West Japan termite extermination preventive construction office.


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