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🌤 | Spring in Japan Summer in Europe and America 


Spring in Japan, summer in Europe and America 

If you write the contents roughly
Many people, not just this son, think of Indian summer as spring weather, but the correct answer is the warm and calm sunny weather from late autumn to early winter.

"Indian summer is not the weather in spring." There was such a line in the commercial I saw before.For a son who doesn't know the language ... → Continue reading

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Early spring

Early spring(From Indian Summer)Fall:From the firstWinter:Warm and calmsunny dayIs[1].

Be careful as it is easy to mistake it for a warm day in early spring.

Mobile high pressureIt occurs because it is covered with.

Of winterSeason words(Winter in the Yin calendar isLunar month september~12).


Koharu (Koharu)Chinese bookでLunar month septemberIs another name for.The climate and merry of this timeSpring:It came to be called Koharu because it resembles[2].

In the new calendar, roughly11Around.More specifically,Light snow(11/22Around) includingSakumotsukiAnd at most10/23Around12/22Around October in the lunar calendar.

Like Indian summer, in winterSeason words.

Local names

中latitudeThere are similar climates in each region, but the timing is slightly different depending on the region.

Indian Summer
North America(originallyNew England) Have a similar climate Indian summer(Indian Summer,イ ン デ ィ ア ンSummer) and translated as Indian summer[3].
アメリカ合衆国 OfNational Meteorological Office In (NWS)Indian summer The
An unseasonably warm period near the middle of autumn, usually following a substantial period of cool weather.
(Around mid-autumn, an unseasonably warm period, usually after a considerable period of cool climate) — National Weather Service Glossary[4]
It explains.
Barbie Rator
ロシアLet ’s have a similar climate Indian summer Called (Barbie Rator, Women's Summer) and translated as Indian summer[5].
However, the time is different due to the difference in latitude, and early autumn[5],8From late9Early[6],9/14から9/21or27 Day[7]And so on.

In addition, it is called "Summer of the Old Lady" in Central and Scandinavia, and "Summer of St. Martin" in England.[8].


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