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🌤 | Summer days over 25 ℃ continue


A series of summer days above 25 ° C

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Due to the influence of the south wind, the atmosphere that I can not think of in the latter half of November continues.

In western Japan on the 19th (Thursday), there are places where it starts to rain around noon, and the southerly wind will gradually intensify.Northern Kyushu is from the evening ... → Continue reading

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Feeling of air

Feeling of air(Kuukikan) is one of the forms used for artistic expression. Even though it is not directly expressed, it is suggested that it exists only through indirect information.

写真When used in expression, it means that a two-dimensional photograph looks like a solid.[1] Depending on the distance to the subject distanceコ ン ト ラ ス トChanges from aerial perspective and focus planeBlurThe three-dimensional effect is expressed byaberrationIt means that there are few things and it is rich in reality. It may also be used to describe a particularly good lens.1.

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  • Otake, Shoji (1999), Lens observation 


^Lens observation ISBN 4257120479



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