About Yamamedia

Climbing and outdoor genre talented media, blogs and news gather here.

Not only can you access all broadcast articles, but also experts and media writers, as well as reader-participated pickup comments and real-time point evaluation can be checked in one place at the same time.

Yamamedia is a media for people who love mountain climbing and the outdoors, as a base for readers to enjoy articles in each field and a platform for registered members to distribute content.

By distributing content to Yamamedia,
You can add another channel as a transmission medium.

I am interested in mountain climbing and outdoor activities,
It is possible to reach a wider audience,
Further utilization of content is possible.

Flow of using Yamamedia

1. Registered members register press releases and content URLs to Yamamedia from the "+ distribution" button.

2. From the registered URL, an article introducing the content is automatically created and distributed.

3. Introductory articles will have an eye-catching image, a title, the beginning of the text, and buttons to access the original content.

4. The full content can be viewed on the registered member's site, so readers will access the registered member's site from Yamamedia.

usage fee

Yamamedia is operated with advertising expenses, etc., obtained by increasing the number of readers of the content distributed by registered members, so there is no initial fee for registering members, no costs for using the distribution service, and no member costs. Hmm. All can be used free of charge.

Regardless of corporation or individual

Initial cost 0 yenDelivery fee 0 yenMonthly cost 0 yen

You can easily and cost-effectively distribute and share article content, news and press releases in mountaineering, skiing, camping and outdoor genres at no cost.

If you register the URL of what you want to introduce, such as blogs, websites, photos and videos, YouTube channels, event guides, activities you are involved in, press releases of new services and products, you will be introduced on the dedicated page of Yamamedia.

If you register as a member, you will have your own dedicated page. Not only can you edit your profile freely, but readers can also see what content and press releases have been delivered so far.Depending on your ingenuity, you can effectively promote your activities.

Member registration and usage procedures

① Follow PORTALFIELD's Twitter account. This is used for the exchange of Yamamedia PORTALFIELD and DM to introduce articles.
If you do not have a Twitter account, please like the Facebook page.

②Press the button of any social service and log in to complete user registration. Twitter is recommended.
A confirmation screen for using the app appears on the way. Please be assured that it will only be used for logging in to YAMAMEDIA.

(3) After registration, you can set the name displayed from “Account Settings” in the upper menu icon.
配 信 To actually deliver, press "+ delivery" at the top of this page to switch to the link input screen. When you enter the URL, the page information will be obtained automatically. Then select the category, enter the tag as needed and distribute it. It is also possible to add the text at this time. Write something that interests your readers.

Regardless of corporation or individual,

Free mountaineering and outdoor genre press releases

Initial cost 0 yenDelivery fee 0 yenMonthly cost 0 yen

There is no charge for distribution. We look forward to your use.