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📱|As of iOS 14.4, Apple lets you get more volume …

写真 As of iOS 14.4, Apple lets you get more volume out of your iPhone – In a recent iPhone update, Apple changed its volume limits to allow users to go beyond safety threshholds to get more volume out of connected devices like Bluetooth speakers. – Zacharie Scheurer/dpa

As of iOS 14.4, Apple lets you get more volume …

When iPhones send audio to headphones, the system stops you from increasing the volume level above a certain threshold – and that’s a good thing. After all, no one wants to ruin their hearing. But if, for some reason, the music is just too quiet on a paired Bluetooth speaker or in the car, for the longest time there was nothing you could do about it. As of iOS 14.4, however, Apple has made a significant change to its limitations to prevent hearing damage. In the Bluetooth settings, you can freely define what kind of audio device each paired device is. And that means if you’ve paired a speaker … →このまま続きを読む


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