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📱|More privacy, more personalization: What’s comi…

写真 What’s coming in Android 12 – Sameer Samat from Google Product Management presented the upcoming Android innovations at the developer conference in Mountain View, California. – Google/dpa

More privacy, more personalization: What’s comi…

While new features arrive on Android with each new version every year, the basic design language of the mobile operating system hasn’t changed much in years. Google introduced the current interface, the so-called “Material Design”, all the way back in 2014. Now, Google says it’s turning this into “Material You”, a new design concept to be used for the first time in Android 12, as Google announced at its developer conference. Before its anticipated release in late 2021, the beta version of Android 12 has now become available for Pixel smartphones, so that anyone wants to test it out can already… →このまま続きを読む


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