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📱|Google fined 500 million euros for breach of Fr…

写真 Google fined $593 million in France – A sign with the inscription “Google” hangs in front of a training place of the company in Rennes. Google fined $593 million by French antitrust agency. – Sebastian Gollnow/dpa

Google fined 500 million euros for breach of Fr…

France’s competition regulator has fined Google 500 million euros (592 million dollars) in a dispute over copyright law. The competition regulator’s president, Isabelle de Silva, said in a statement on Tuesday that the internet giant had not negotiated with French publishers in good faith. By refusing to discuss remuneration for the use of protected content, Google was deemed to have violated, among other things, orders issued by the competition regulator last April. Google admitted disappointment with the decision, claiming that the negotiations had always been fair. However, the regulator’s … →このまま続きを読む


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