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👍|55 Twitter Accounts Targeted 114,000 Hate Tweet…

写真 Prince Harry Holds Umbrella For Wife Meghan Markle At Endeavour Fund Awards (Image: Getty)

55 Twitter Accounts Targeted 114,000 Hate Tweet…

Ex-royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have 55 Twitter accounts spreading hate against the couple. Data analysis firm, Bot Sentinels, conducted the investigation and found surprising new information. The firm found that accounts were solely used to create negative content towards the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They analyzed 114,000 tweets using hashtags and keywords that additionally found 28 extra accounts would be created to amplify the hate. The accounts have a combined 187,631 followers and their content reached an estimated 17,000 users, according to Bot Sentinel. “Our research reveale… →このまま続きを読む provides the latest entertainment news and exclusive video interviews with top celebrities and filmmakers.