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👍|Twitter users told to watch for scam messages a…

写真 Verified accounts are a highly desired thing on Twitter, and scammers are now using this to launch scams that make it look like Twitter Support is granting you the venerable blue badge. Fabian Sommer/dpa

Twitter users told to watch for scam messages a…

Twitter has warned users to be aware of scammers posing as Twitter employees in order to try and get hold of log-in details and other personal information. It comes after a number of verified users on the platform, including journalists, reported receiving direct messages (DMs) which claimed their verified status had been declared as “spam” and they needed to re-register. The messages came from accounts claiming to be Twitter Support and asked users to click on a link in the message to fill in a form to re-apply for a “blue badge” of verification on the site. “Your blue badge Twitter account h… →このまま続きを読む


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