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📱|Australia’s top court finds Google not liable f…


Australia’s top court finds Google not liable f…

また、Xiaomiデバイスに搭載された「Tencent Soter」という組み込みのモバイル決済フレームワークでも、TEEと通信する権限を持たないAndroidアプリによってサービス拒否を誘発する脆弱性「CVE-2020-14125」が発見された。

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia’s highest court overturned on Wednesday a ruling that had found Google engaged in defamation by supplying a link to a contested newspaper article, throwing the spotlight again on how online libel cases are handled in the country. The seven-judge panel of the High Court of Australia voted 5-2 to throw out an earlier finding that the Alphabet Inc unit played a part in publishing the disputed article by acting as a “library” housing it, saying the website had no active role. The decision brings fresh confusion to a question that has been simmering in Australia for yea… →このまま続きを読む

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