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[World's No.1 YKK's latest fastener] Announces a fastener that can be easily closed with one hand using a magnet

Photo: Fasteners that can be easily closed with a magnet

Fast closing YKK development

■ Utilization of magnetic force On the 19th, YKK for domestic and overseas use fasteners that can be easily closed using the magnetic force of magnets ... Read more

From PORTALFIELD editorial department
I thought that this zipper would be useful if used for hard shell (outerwear) used for climbing snowy mountains.

When wearing a hard shell, you often wear gloves, and if you have a slightly thick glove, it may take a little time to close the zipper, but if you are using this type, A little work seems to be going smoothly, and I'm curious about what kind of products will be adopted in the future.

 Northern Japan Newspaper

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"Eco Truck" certified as 15 routes for travel First registration in Fukushima Prefecture, experiencing nature

[Montbell-sponsored Japan Eco-Track] Agatsuma, Adachi Tara, Lingshan, Matsukawaura 15 routes certified for the first time in Fukushima Prefecture

The color is spring motif, Casio sells 1000 wrist devices worldwide only

[Protrek Smart Watch] Limited color model "WSD-F30-WE" with a motif of spring haze Released on March 1000 in the world limited 3 pieces