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Last night, I started drinking beer with the Great Buddha from 18 pm while grilling the greasy human intestines, and when I was feeling better, I opened the "Blue Bottle Classic Radi" (the light blue bottle on the far right) ... If you notice it, just before 23:XNUMX!They were two people who hurriedly dived into the futon.

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Izumi Sasaki

Distributor Izumi Sasaki

For 13 years, he served as a prefectural police mountain guard and served as a prefectural mountain climbing instructor and a prefectural police mountain guard coordinator.

Working to ensure the safety of many climbers, face the harsh nature of Tateyama Kurobe throughout the four seasons, played an active part in the work of distress rescue, mountain trail maintenance, disaster recovery in mountainous areas, etc. Recognized and awarded the Minister of the Environment Award for Natural Parks.

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