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Walk through Sogaya Hot Spring from Hakuba (Kashiike Highland)! ~ From Hakuba Sanso to Shimizudake and Grandmother

2019 year 8 month 7 day to 9 day, I walked the maniac route through the portal field editorial department to Hakuba ~ Somoya Onsen!

This mountain trip schedule looks like this.

<Day 1>
Tsugaike Nature Park → Tenguhara → Hakuba Oike → Korenka Mountain → Three Borders → Mt. Shiroumadake → Hakuba Sanso
<Day 2>
Hakuba Sanso → Shimizudake → Fujidake refuge hut → Gomaya Onsen
<Day 3>
Sogaya Onsen → Yugadaira → Toyama → Tokyo

1. From the lively Hakuba to the quiet Shimizudake

2019 year 8 month 8 day, morning 5 time.
I was taken care of overnight yesterdayHakuba SansoAfterShimizudakeDeparture to the direction.

First of all,Mt. Shiroumadake SummitHead for
There should be a branch to the direction of Shimizudake in front of the summit dormitory.

There is a snowy field just off the branch from the top lodgings to Shimizudake.
The snow was almost melted and did not require crampons.

2. Secret Garden

I heard that there are many flower gardens on the road to Mt. Shimizu.
There are a lot of flowers and no people (laughs)

First of all, it is a group of leafhoppers.

A ridge that shines golden in the morning sun.

A superb view and a flower garden continue, making you feel like heaven! It is a road to Mt. Shimizu, but from Mt. Shiroumadake to Mt. There was also a place. This picture is not so. . . When you are actually walking in such places, you cannot afford to take pictures.

Dicentra of dicentra.

I found a leading figure. Together with these people, we had a great time together with our grandmothers, together with dinner at the inn, and the next morning until we parted at Unazuki Onsen in the trolley.

By the way, on this day, I never met anyone other than this couple, except that I passed 1 from Hakuba to a party that pistoned Shimizudake.

Arrived at Mt. Shimizu. It ’s not just “the mountaintop”, it ’s just a plain sign (laughs)

A short walk from Mt.
I met yesterday and this time the encounter rate is higher. I also encountered lightning (laughs)

After passing Shimizudake, there are places where there are ponds.

I heard the previous reputation that the flower garden is wonderful, but it is also wonderful that this scenery where the cocoons can be seen for a long time like this continues.
Since there are no people walking, you can keep watching this scenery all the time.

I thought that “heaven” was to Mt. Shimizu, but the road ahead will continue for a while.

Somehow, isn't it really just warped to another world? I'm worried. (Since no one is walking ...)

Ah. The heaven is almost over. . .
I entered the forest zone.

3. Fukutake refuge hut (Hinagoya only)

Good sunlight. There are plenty of delicious water nearby. There is no toilet. The inside is wide but slightly moldy.

If you walk a little from the hut, there is a lot of delicious water. Photo courtesy of tekutekugo

Mr. and Mrs. (tekutekugo), whom I talked about at Shimizudake, arrived at the evacuation hut.
They have once walked this route
"Heaven is over. No more rewards. From here, hell!"
I told you while smiling
In CT, it is 240, but it is impossible at that time, either based on information that was examined in advance or tekutekugo's story.
What are you waiting for? It ’s horrible.

By the way, these couples were carrying a big Zack,
"Where did you walk from?"
I askedSogaya OnsenからMt. KaramatsudakeThrough the killetHakuba SansoWhat. And we are walking on the route we have been walking today.

Hya, Gachi transformation route! (Lol)

It was quite a veteran.

It was really encouraging to be able to walk together with those who could walk so firmly during a long route that was not popular at all.

Actually, after that, I was desperate to walk and couldn't take much photos of “Hell Route”, but I provided the photos that were taken with the kindness of tekutekugo. Thank you very much. I'm so happy to meet you in the mountains.

Alright. Let's get ready and start walking the hell route.

I decided to leave first.

4. Elevation remains the same whether walking or walking

Immediately after I started to walk after the refuge hut, there was a place where the rope was hung like this.
The height is about 2-3m, but since it is not stepped on very much, the scaffolding is fragile and quite difficult.
There is a place like “Iwaba!” With a kite etc., but I feel how easy it is to have a place that knows where to go firmly.
After this, there were a number of places that looked like this: “It does n’t look like it, but it ’s hard!”

I climb up and down the forest belt and walk all the time, but no matter how many hours I walk, the altitude does not change!
The situation continues where the height of the mountain seen in the distance does not change at all.

The height of the mountain you can see no matter how much you walk. Photo courtesy of tekutekugo

Occasionally, such a huge fallen tree is riddled.

Photo courtesy of tekutekugo

A traverse that feels messy.

Photo courtesy of tekutekugo

A considerable temperature in the forest zone. It ’s hot anyway. There are many people who suffer from this route, heat stroke.
We're never battered.

This route has a lot on the way and needs to be negotiated."Blessing of Grace"It looks like
Every time you hit a swamp, take a zack and take a break, wash your face and draw water.
The last one is in a situation where you get water from your head rather than washing your face (laughs)

In the future, if you walk this route, it would be a good idea to check the “Sawa” place in advance.
Anyway, I walked through the forest zone without this target.

Garegare no Sawa Photo courtesy of tekutekugo

5. The hard descent that comes when we are exhausted

I will finally come to lower the altitude in the final version.
500m jumps down. This is hard when you are exhausted and lose power.

Photo courtesy of tekutekugo

As if you had paid the past, if you lowered the altitude at a stretch, you arrived in a wide swath.
If you come to here, take a break. I can see the goal.

Photo courtesy of tekutekugo

6. Arrival at Grandmother Onsen

As soon as you go down the withered swamp, you will see the forest road.
Even if I went to the forest road where it would only slowly go down, I walked with terrorism without speeding up.
After walking for a while, finallySogaya OnsenIs arriving. My legs hurt and I ’m heroic (laughs)

When I arrived at the hotel, my mom brought cold water while she was taking off her shoes.
Then, the reception desk and bookkeeping etc are good later.

I was healed by the warmth that made me want to think "Mom, right now!"

Even so, I'm glad I was able to arrive here safely.


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Walk through Sogaya Hot Spring from Hakuba (Kashiike Highland)! ~ Gotomani Onsen Special