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Following the Tateyama Kurobe World Branding Project ① What is “Tateyama Kurobe World Branding”?

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“Tateyama Kurobe World Brand”Do you know the project?

To put it simply, Toyama Prefecture will proceed in response to the “Sightseeing Vision Concept Meeting to Support Tomorrow's Japan” launched by the Abe Cabinet in 2015.Let's make “Tateyama Kurobe” a world-class “stay and experience type” mountain tourist destination ”That's it.

2016 year 11 month 13 day, 2017 year 1 month 13 day, 3 month 27 day, three times,Study meeting to consider the maintenance and use of "Tateyama Kurobe"Was opened.

The main points of the study group are as follows.

  • “Tateyama Kurobe” is a mountainous area with an unprecedented natural environment in Japan, where natural environment conservation activities are advanced, and in terms of usage, it is also a tourist destination visited by many tourists from home and abroad Has established its position as.
  • However, the environment surrounding “Tateyama Kurobe” has changed dramatically, including an increase in foreign visitors to Japan, an increase in individual tourists, and dramatic improvements in access to the Tokyo metropolitan area via the Hokuriku Shinkansen. Appropriately grasping such changes and responding flexibly and promptly will be a condition for becoming a “selected tourist destination”.
  • In particular, there is a movement to register “Tateyama Kurobe” as a World Heritage site, and the number of foreign visitors to Japan is expected to increase further toward the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.
  • When more and more tourists come from both inside and outside Japan, it may be necessary to consider once again whether it is a tourist destination that will satisfy the tourists.
  • for that reason,We will once again grasp the current status of “Tateyama Kurobe” and become a “world brand” so that it can be a tourist destination that people around the world want to visit. DoI want to do it.
  • In considering this, “Tateyama Kurobe” is located in the national park, and the richness of the natural environment is the center of attraction. I would like to consider it on the premise of carrying out maintenance.

The details of this meeting are available on the Toyama Prefecture website (some are not currently open). Please refer to the following documents.

  1. Study meeting to consider the preservation and use of “Tateyama Kurobe”
  2. Aiming to be a tourism advanced country (Japan Tourism Agency Director Tamura Akihi)
  3. Ecotourism connecting people and nature (Submission by Morita Committee)
  4. Toyama River as a new tourism resource! (Submitted by committee member Katayama)
  5. The first "review meeting to think about maintenance and use of" Tateyama Kurobe "committee list
  6. 1st “Study Meeting on the Conservation and Use of“ Tateyama Kurobe ””
  7. Study meeting to consider the maintenance and use of the 2nd "Tateyama Kurobe"
  8. Study meeting to consider the maintenance and use of the 2nd "Tateyama Kurobe" (separate volume: detailed project version)
  9. (Reference Material) Chubu Mountain National Park (Protected Regulation Area) -Tateyama Kurobe-
  10. The second "review meeting to think about maintenance and use of" Tateyama Kurobe "committee list
  11. Seat map of the 2nd “Study Meeting on the Conservation and Use of“ Tateyama Kurobe ””
  12. The third study meeting to consider the maintenance and use of Tateyama Kurobe
  13. (Reference material) Future schedule
  14. The third "review meeting to think about maintenance and use of" Tateyama Kurobe "" Committee list
  15. The 3rd “Study Group Considering the Conservation and Use of“ Tateyama Kurobe ””

After these review meetings, Toyama Prefecture“Tateyama Kurobe” World Brand Promotion ConferenceInstalled.

Heisei 29 year 2017 month 6 day, 1 times in Tokyo “Tateyama Kurobe” Global Brand Promotion ConferenceWas opened.

Toyama should proceed with the study"28 Project"I am raising.

[Maintenance of a high-quality stay environment]

• Expansion of meal and rest space at 01 crowded spots
• Expand business hours for 02 Alpine Route
• Distribution of 03 boarding pass
• Web reservation system such as 04 plateau bus
• Maintenance of 05 accommodation
• Enhancement of 06 stay program

[Discovering and polishing new attractions]

• Early opening of 07 Alpine Route
• 08-09 Winter season (Alpine Route, Kurobe Gorge Railway)
• Planning and implementation of 10 heli ski
• 11 Kurobe route tour tour commercialization
• Commercialization of 12 caldera experience study session

[Establishing an acceptance environment tailored to the customer base]

• 13 Raise awareness in new markets (Western and Australian)
• Enhanced 14 multilingual notation and guidance
• Eliminate 15 mobile phone unavailable areas and Wi-Fi undeveloped areas
• Promotion of 16 universal service

[Ensuring excursion]

• Maintenance of 17-19 ropeway
• 20 Unazuki Hot Spring Town Bustle Creation

[Proper use of the natural environment]

• Development of 21 mountain trail
• Raise awareness of 22 environment

[Conservation of the natural environment]

• Maintenance of 23 mountain toilet
• Promoting 24 exotic plant removal activities
• Consideration of introduction of 25 use coordination area
• Considering the beneficiary burden of 26 environmental conservation expenses

[Conservation of grouse]

• 27 Toyama grouse support strengthening, habitat survey

[Ensuring user safety]

• 28-1 Avalanche accident countermeasures
• 28-2 volcano measures

In this first "Tateyama Kurobe" global branding promotion meeting,Mr. Chihiro Saeki of Tateyama Sanso CooperativeThan,

·Environment issues

・ Separation issues with existing businesses

・ Indicating safety issues


Mr. Katsuta, Kansai Electric PowerAbout “Travel merchandise for Kurobe Route Tour”

・ Indicating safety risks


Mr. Daniel Monteverde, Representative Director of Latina International Co., Ltd.Than

・ Should we target “backpackers” instead of “seeking foreigners seeking high quality”?


There are various problems such as the opinions and international traffic points, and the sweetness of project planning has been pointed out.


In contrast,Governor Ishii of Toyama PrefectureThe response of I was able to feel the temperature difference with the committee who proceeded with talks and expressed dissent.

Miwako Date, President of Mori Trust Co., Ltd.Also points out:

None of the visions of “Tateyama Kurobe World Branding” itself are so clear about what many parts and parts you want to do and what you should do.

If development continues with this momentum, there will be anxiety about whether it will be irreversible.

I would like to keep track of the progress of this project, hoping that various discussions will be held in the working group.

The minutes of this meeting are published on the Toyama Prefecture website.


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