"Favorite winter mountain" recommended by the mountain climbing goods specialty store staff | "Tanigawadake-Takenodake (Wanoi Nishione)", "Shodake", "Mt. Senjogatake", "Gongendake-Akadake-Amidake", compilation

If you enjoy activities such as mountain climbing and outdoor, one of the things that you want to stick to gradually is mountain tools and outdoor gear.
Even if we do a preliminary survey on the net, we will visit a mountain climbing products specialty store and outdoor products handling shop in order to actually search for good products.Shop staff.
As well as knowledge about the goods, what kind of use to use, day trip, how many days to go, or is it a tent or mountain hut? Which mountain area if climbing or hiking? Because you can consult comprehensively such things such as, I think that the exchange is fun and many people go to the shop.

You are basically the shop staff who often receive consultation from customers, but what kind of activities do you enjoy in private?
During this time when you can enjoy mountain climbing in a quiet winter mountain or snowfall season, the theme covered in this corner is"Favorite Touyama" recommended by the clerk staff specializing in mountain climbing products. As we were able to talk to some of the staff, let me introduce it.

This time, Kumiko Tanaka of Sakaiya Sports Echo Plaza introduced "Tanigawadake-Takenodake (Takeno Nishione)", "Shodake", "Mt. Senjogatake", "Gongondake-Akadake-Mt. It is a hen.

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Limited company Sakaiya Sports
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Kumiko Tanaka

1. Tanigawadake-Takenodake (Wanoi Nishione) One day trip

A long route including variations that I want to go to during the snowfall season when the snow is tight.

This route is a variation route for advanced snow mountain climbers, not a general vertical road.When using it, please be sure to accompany the experienced person and refrain from entering the area only for beginners. (PORTALFIELD editorial department note)

◆ root
Tanigawadake Ropeway -Nishikuro Ridge Installation-Shoulder Hut-Tanigawadake~Ichinokura-Shibakuradake-Takenodake-Takeno Nishione-Serizawa Forest Road-Dotaru Station

Beautiful view of JoetsuSideways, while being addicted to the rock formations and blustery snow at some places, repeating up and downTakenodakeAim


When I arrived, I confirmed the attachment of Nishione. From hereVariation route.


Pass the knife ridge carefully(If you are unsure bring your ropeWhile being careful not to make a mistake in the ridge, I went down to Serizawa and went to Tsutaru Station.


It is recommended for those who want to thoroughly enjoy the snowy mountains.

XNUM X. Shodake (winter cabin night)

A healing route to walk in search of fresh green amid remaining snow

◆ root
Degree of senile-branch of vineyard-Holy flat cabin(Night in winter hut)Holy mountain~ Easy age

The road to easy age is often closed due to landslides, so make sure to check before you leave.


Luggage and people also ride on a car suspended by a single wire, and then it starts.


As you look up at the beautiful fresh green, you can see the great views of nature in the Southern Alps.You can feel deeply in the Southern Alps.


ComfyHoly flat cabinIt is also pleasantly recommended to take a walk around the area!


When I went there was no view from the summit at all, butJust walking on the mountain trail heals you. It is a recommended route.

3. Mt. Senjogatake (Tent night)

A route where you can taste luxurious moments where you can walk a pure white line

◆ root
Todai-Kitazawa Kaoru-Chobei hut (tent stay)-Small Mt. Senjogatake-Kosen Takeone-Senjogatake~ Todai

The deep winter season when the bus stopped entering Kitazawa. From the Todai slowly go along the river and raise the altitude, it is beautifulKomorebi SansoWelcome.


Near hereOne night in a tent room in front of a long cabin.


From seniorsSen. Mt. Senjogatake is more windy when the weather is bad, as it is said, "I've been sculpted at the summit of Senjo."However, if you are lucky, you can meet the thunderbirds who live hard.


It takes a little while from Kosenjo-dake to Senjo-dake,A route where you can taste luxurious moments where you can walk a pure white line.

4. Gongen dake-Aka dake-Amidake (winter hut stay)

As well as Mt. Amidake-Iodake, if you were fascinated by Yatsugatake in winter Long route you want to walk once

In this route, there are places where the use of a rope is necessary near Gongendake. Some points are for advanced mountain climbers who need climbing skills.When using it, be sure to accompany the experienced person, please refrain from entering the mountain just for beginners. (PORTALFIELD editorial department note)

◆ root
Zhoushan CrossroadYouth hut~ Hen Kasayama ~Youth hut(Night in winter hut)Gongondake~ Tsurune ~ Akadake ~Mount Amida-Oya ridge -Zhoushan crossroad

If you walk to the hut on the first day, (if available)Youthful cabin luxury winter cabinWelcome.


I put my luggage and on the first day went to Mt. You can enjoy the view of Akadake reminiscent of the European Alps.


On the second day while the snow was tightGongondakePassing through Knife Ridge(You need to bring a rope), Snowy traverse, rapid climb, rock and ice mix and cramped changesAkadakeRoute to.


Mount AmidaIf you finish the straight climb of snow untilA large panorama of X NUM X degrees is waiting.


Going down the mountain ridge is also difficult if the snow is rotten, so have some room.


A good route with a sense of accomplishment.

How was it. This time, Kumiko Tanaka of Sakaiya Sports Echo Plaza introduced "Tanigawadake-Takenodake (Bunoi Nishione)", "Shodake", "Mt. Senjogatake", and "Gongendake-Akadake-Amidake" . Next time we look forward to!

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"Favorite winter mountain" recommended by the mountain climbing products specialty store staff | "Kitayokodake" "Nekodake" Hen

"Favorite winter mountain" recommended by the mountain climbing products specialty store staff |